Winged Migration

By Rebecca Lewis

Winged Migration, directed by Jacques Perrin, is a documentary following the migration of many bird species. The film takes the viewer through breathtaking scenes of birds in flight.

“For eighty million years, birds have ruled the skies, seas and earth.  Each spring, they fly vast distances.  Each fall, they fly the same route back.  This film is the result of four years following their amazing odysseys, in the northern hemisphere and then the south, species by species, flying over seas and continents.”

— Jacques Perrin (from “Winged Migration”)

Our class viewed the film in preparation for this trip. Here are some of my impressions.

To me the central message of the film was summed up when the narrator said, “Migration is the promise of return.”

Millions of birds traveling millions of miles. Migrating birds; the great travelers of the world.  Imagine the scenery through the eyes of a migrating bird. Think of the beauty these creatures have been able to view, the majestic landscapes of many countries.

Live through the trials and triumphs of each bird in its journey toward home. The feeling of urgency birds must experience, the need to get to their destination. Inspiration can be gathered through their determination and relentlessness.


2 responses to “Winged Migration

  1. Nice review, Rebecca. Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. Sharon Wood-Turley

    Rebecca, I love the way you summed up the message – the promise of return. That’s a beautiful thought.

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