Photos from day 1

“There are less than 300 mexican gray wolves in the world,” said Kim Scott, director of animal care and conservation at the Endangered Wolf Center. Mexican gray wolves are the most endangered species in the world with only 40 left in the wild. The center recovers wolves and breeds them in hopes of rebuilding the pack.  Photo: Aimee Gutshall

Husband and wife community supported agriculture duo Rusty and Teresa Lee explained how the CSA’s business model works on Friday, Oct. 8, 2010, in Truxton, Mo. The Lee’s farm profits include CSA subscriptions and direct marketing to local grocers and farmers markets.  Photo: Amanda Bromwich

Community supported agriculturist Rusty Lee, shows students from the University of Missouri School of Journalism smartweed on Friday, Oct. 8, 2010, at his small farm in Truxton, Mo. Lee explained how finding the plant is a sign of wet field conditions and “ain’t no good.”  Photo: Amanda Bromwich


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