Family. Friendship. Neighbors. Fellowship.

Community is a theme that has been striking me more today than yesterday, but yesterday as well. People, particularly farmers, seem very concerned with the people they work with and for. They care about who they’re selling to and what they’re thinking about food and agriculture.

In particular, the Old North St. Louis neighborhood is something that I cannot stop thinking about. The incredible sense of community and friendliness and HOME is apparent there. The way people talked about their neighbors and how they are treated by their neighbors is something special. When Graham and V Lane moved into their (ware)house, their new neighbors would call the police when they thought something hairy was going on. It makes me wonder: is this happening elsewhere? Where? Why? Why don’t more places DO this?

The community garden next to major roads at City Seeds Urban Farm is a beautiful example of community and HELPING others. It was really something to see the openness to the kinds of people that they take in for their version of “therapy.”

How do we make our own communities–both literally and figuratively–better/stronger at home? What do we take away from seeing places like ONSL and City Seeds?

— Catherine Meagher


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