Lessons from Barney…

I have ditched the notebook….. BEWARE!

Today, MU faculty member John Schneller took the microphone and talked with great passion. He described what it meant to be a journalist.

His voice seemed to grow quicker by the minute. He spoke on what separates us from “shouters” like Glen Beck and Keith Olbermann; a journalism of verification and objectivity.

None of us on the bus gave up our weekend for money. We certainly don’t study journalism for such things. I realize a Ford Escort may be the car of my future. John has been in the game for much longer than us young journalists, and his fire for getting the correct story is still flaming.


I thought to myself. What is BARNEY, our marvelous BUS DRIVER thinking? He has been a member of the general public (subjected to) listening to us journalist talk about journalistic things for the past two days.

I wish the general public could sit where Barney sits for an hour. They would know why we all do what we do. John said that many in the general public are skeptical and do not trust the media—and I understand why. BUT, if they could hear this, see the passion some of us have, they could think differently. They could see the desire we have to get the correct story out there. The story that matters. The story that could make a difference.

Most of the public is not Barney. They will not be bus driver to a pack of hungry journalist. SO, how do we gain their trust? How can we show them why we do this journalism thing?

Any and all suggestions welcome…

-Connor Elfrink


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