A New Pair of Boots to Muddy

As a journalist, advisors and mentors suggest one should not anticipate a situation. For a second, I find it necessary to break this rule. As of now, I anticipate loving every second of the experience of traveling to southern Missouri as part of the Sonja Hillgren Reporting Institute.

When asked to describe my feelings toward the trip, the only thing I can feel is extreme anxiousness. I have lived 21 years in the show-me-state and not placed my feet on what I consider foreign soil.

I have minimal experience in conservation.  My earliest memories of what I know are vague. I recall my grandfather taking my sister and I on four-wheeler rides along his farmland to explain the importance of keeping nature as God intended. Looking back, it has been years since I have taken in the feeling of being outside.

I look forward to new sights and smells. I look forward to understanding the primary conservation issues of my home state I do not understand. I look forward to seeing the passion of agriculturalists spread through some of the state’s most fertile farmland. I hope to become more concise in my writing and provide great content for viewers on this blog and in my final story. I would like to make great contacts for future endeavors, too. I believe the next three days will be an adventure. Most importantly, I look forward to getting my boots muddy.

-Carah Hart


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