FRI Anticipation

My thoughts entering this field trip are mixed with excitement, curiosity and some anxiety. I have no worries about the schedule of the trip in terms of how grueling it is, compared to some field reports I’ve read about a Super 8 is luxury. I am, however, wondering how I’ll be able to “drink from the firehose” as Bill says.

I’m prepared to have more information thrown at me from more sources than I’ve ever had in one weekend. I have a few topics I’d like to explore and ideas for what I think are potentially really good stories. But I know that once I’m in the field, I have to act as any good field reporter would and be a sponge, soaking up anything and everything.

Mentally, it may be taxing to pursue my story idea(s) while also trying to soak up everything else in the field.

What I hope to get out of this field trip is more than just a good field story. I hope to do more than learn about environmental and agricultural issues. I want to learn how to learn about them. I want to come away from this trip either knowing I have what it takes to be a field reporter or knowing what I need to get there. I want to learn the balance between quassi-scientist and reporter that science writers have to find more than other journalists.



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