Ready to step in the mud

As we are on the brink of leaving for the Field Reporting Institute trip tomorrow, I’m feeling a lot of anticipation. Anticipation not only to discover what lies ahead, but also to learn and take in many things I’ve never before experienced.

The trip will “be like drinking out of a fire hose,” as Bill Allen likes to put it. The possibility of information overload is somewhat frightening, but I know it will be a great learning experience. Besides half the fun, if not all the fun, is the adventure and challenge.

I hope to come back from the trip with the ability to say that I’ve had a successful first attempt at science/environmental field reporting. The task is big, no doubt, considering I will be using audio equipment along with taking notes. I also hope to also be able to connect with the people we meet in the Bootheel and gain a better understanding of the region.

— Gina Cook


One response to “Ready to step in the mud

  1. That’s a great set of expectations and goals, Gina. Well done and concise.

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