From Costa Rica to the Bootheel of Missouri

I’m itchy as I sit here in class, without windows and air circulation. I’ve spent five weeks in classes sitting, mostly just moving from one class to another. Being where I needed to be without a thought other than what will potentially occur in an output table generated by a computer model if I increase the permeability of a certain soil under a certain landuse.

Five weeks has been much to long without questioning where I am and why. Five weeks of knowing what will wait for me when I return home. Five weeks of flirting and knowing the potential outcome. Five weeks without adrenalin.

It would be bad to paint expectations for this trip. But I would like a bit of the same windless feeling of information and new experiences as I have previously experienced.

Hopefully, I will finish Sunday night with a renewed sense of investigation; of questioning why and finding out the truth to a situation I did not understand before walking in.

Along the way I hope I will be able to communicate better with others, to make my questioning of the world and my experiences, worthwhile.

– Claire Friedrichsen


One response to “From Costa Rica to the Bootheel of Missouri

  1. Nice work, Claire. Your writing is concise, clear and engaging. Here we go!

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