New Experiences in New Places

Going into this trip I expect to be fully immersed in southern Missouri and the eastern part of the Ozarks. Having lived in this state my whole life I have been almost everywhere. However, the southeast region is on my short list of places left unexplored. I’m really looking forward to the trip for this reason, among others, because every experience will be new and exciting.

I have always heard that the Bootheel is almost nothing like the other parts of my home state, so hopefully I’ll experience things that I never saw growing up in northwest Missouri. This trip will be a real learning experience for me, especially with the whirlwind tour we have planned.

From dense Missouri forests, to cotton bolls, to the Mississippi River, we will venture deep into the world of a field reporter.

The itinerary looks like it will provide the other students and I with wonderful sights and interesting story ideas that we can use to produce excellent journalism. Our FRI family has a full weekend ahead of us and I’m ready to “get my boots on the ground,” as Bill would say. This trip is a great opportunity for all of us and I feel lucky to be going.

-Kile Brewer


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