Shh… It’s Story Hunting Season

The reality of it all is starting to sink in. What is “it,” you may ask? Well according to everything I have been taught in the J-school so far, “it” should not be a word in my vocabulary. In this case however, I am referring to the overload of invaluable experience I am about to take in.

In our last lecture, Bill introduced and explained the phrase “drinking from a fire hose” to us. I can’t think of a better way to identify exactly what this weekend entails. Finding a story won’t be the issue. On this trip, we are bound to have unlimited story ideas tossed our way. Until this point, the ability to write an article has been the focus of the majority of my classes. This trip brings a new challenge. Finding the right story.

Where can I find an idea that could transform into an article that can engage the reader? How can I take a sentence or two that a speaker said off the cuff and turn said idea into one an editor will approve of?

With this trip, I hope to fix my biggest weakness in writing. I seem to have a never-ending battle with the brainstorming process. I find myself struggling to find the deeper focus or the less-covered angle. I do not want to come back from our journey with a generic story that scratches the surface. I am on a search for an issue that makes the reader as hungry for more information as myself.

– Joe Pecoraro


One response to “Shh… It’s Story Hunting Season

  1. Wow, Joe. That’s a really insightful post. I like your honesty about your struggle to find the deeper story, and your comment about a story so interesting it leaves the reader wanting to learn more. And the headline … story hunting — really nice. -Bill

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