REFLECTION: Journalism 101

My favorite experience so far has been mingling with loggers. Coming from a natural resource management side, loggers are constructed for me as being mystical creatures of the forest. Creatures that dance around doing the work of the devil in order to fill our consuming needs of society.

Being one of the few people without a journalist background on this trip, I feel like I’m on an odd field trip, not on a story trail.

In my past courses I’ve traveled, listened to local businessmen and lectures about different topics. Generally, we arrive at sites and only ask questions that deepen our knowledge of the topic. Later the teacher will raise questions about their validity.

I find the question techniques of student journalist amusing. As it tends to pick away at the source for their quest to find answers to their already preconceived notion of what the issues are. I’ve never thought to demand every piece of information about everything from a single source without having a touted degree to back up my questioning.

-Claire Friedrichsen
Edited by Joey


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