Biomass and its place in the timber waste product industry

Shards of wood fly out of the chipper, fed by misshapen boards and uneven cuts. Nearby, leafy tops of timber decompose on the forest floor.

Near Salem, Mo. in the stomping ground of foresters, the demand for woody biomass will fit into the already established waste reutilization system of the timber and lumber industry.

“Every product here he can sell whether it’s boards, chips or sawdust” said Jason Green, forester, while touring the family run sawmill, Spencer Lumber Co.

Sawdust will be used for the production of briquettes, chipped wood in landscaping and low-grade wood will be sold off for low-grade wood products.

In the forest one and three treetops are required to rest on the forest floor in order to help regenerate soil and provide nutrients for future timber growth.

-Claire Friedrichsen
edited Steven


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