Pioneer Forest attests to the benefits of proper timber management.

Missouri foresters have it good — the state’s forestry is unregulated.

Measures improving Missouri timber management could make more wood. Following a management plan, using best management practices and third-party audits would make this change, said Hank Dorst of the Mark Twain Forest Watchers.

*Without clear cutting, the Missouri Ozark’s Pioneer Forest grows twice as fast as other Missouri forests, and the trees have 80-percent more volume, said Peter Becker, a research coordinator for the Eastern Ozarks Forestry Council.

“Economists always say you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” Dorst said. “In a sense, Pioneer (Forest) is having its cake and eating it.”

Selective timber harvesting is practiced in Pioneer Forest. Each tree is hand picked based on the spacing between trees, the amount of light penetrating the canopy, resources and whether the tree is defective.

With the right management, “we could revolutionize forestry,” Dorst said.

– John McLaughlin, Edited by Tony Schick

*This statement was attributed falsely to Hank Dorst. The statement was made actually by Peter Becker.


One response to “Pioneer Forest attests to the benefits of proper timber management.

  1. The comment about 80% more volume and twice the growth of forests where unevenaged management is practiced was made by Peter Becker, not Hank Dorst.

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