The dangers of stripping and flipping

As landowners in Missouri age, many are selling their land to loggers who turn a profit as fast as they can.

At issue is that once the land is purchased, loggers strip the land of as much timber as they can get their hands on and then resell the land.

“Some people call it Strip and Flip,” said Hank Dorst with the Mark Twain Forest Watchers.

The land is often stripped of timber using clearcutting, a method of logging in which most or all trees in an area are felled, regardless of health or age.

The land is taken out of forest production and put into the real estate world, Dorst said. What’s left of the land is pasture that can be resold.

The land may be able to grow some trees in the future, but won’t have economically valuable trees for decades, he said.

-Steven Rich


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