Devastation Remains as Water Recedes Near Levee

Nearly five months have passed since the third and final blast erupted at the Birds Point – New Madrid Floodway. The impact of the widespread flooding remains.

On May 5, the Army Corps of Engineers dynamited a third levee to complete its project in response to the flooding along the Mississippi River.

Sand from the third blast dispersed 500,000 yards of sand over more than 220 acres of farmland, said Milus Wallace, a Mississippi County farmer

The sediment released from this blast had a detrimental effect on the quality of land that was previously used to farm crops, ranging from corn to soybeans. Wallace re-planted new soybeans two months after the final blast but hesitantly said the crops would survive to harvest.

“These beans here are not as good as they would normally be,” Wallace said. “It’ll be late, but I think they’ll make it if we just don’t have an early frost.”

– Joe Pecoraro


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