Reflection: Day Two Finds Way to Exceed Expectations.

After our first day on the road, I was under the assumption that we had hit the climax of this trip through the Missouri Bootheel. Not necessarily because I had a lack of trust in the remainder of our journey, but solely because Friday was about as interesting as it can get. Or so I thought.

Saturday brought along a new adventure I was not expecting. We started at Parker and Jones Farms; a stop on our trip I assumed would produce little interest for me. After returning to the bus I not only had a new found respect and interest in cotton farming but quite a few quality story leads as well.

As the day progressed, we investigated the impact of the flooding from the Birds Point- New Madrid Levee. I had researched this topic quite a bit before embarking on this trip, but those articles did not do this devastation justice.

The sheer destruction that was enforced by the floodwaters was hard for me to grasp. The time we spent assessing the damage to both farmland and homes was surreal.

I am concerned that I will not be able to accurately portray what I saw today. I find myself struggling to explain what I saw in words alone. How can I pass along the awe factor I experienced today? This issue is extremely interesting on its own, but I hope to find a way to bring the reader to where I was today, or at least feel like they were.

-Joe Pecoraro. Edited by John Mclaughlin


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