Reflection: good emotion; great people

Today’s venture was an awesome lesson for capturing the emotions of people affected by the Birds Point levee breach that took place in early May.

One farmer we met today, Milus Wallace, was a great inspiration.  Milus said he lost probably one to two million dollars worth of belongings.

“All we got left is the frame of the house, ” Milus said.

Milus is lucky compared to most.  His home insurance will pay him a certain amount and he said he has what’s most important to him.  “(My son is) in good shape.  Grandkids in good shape and I just love to work so it don’t matter.”

His amazing attitude reminds me of why I enjoy being a journalist.  It doesn’t matter where you go, there are always interesting and inspiring people.  Milus’ bright personality gave me a ray of sunshine today after covering the gloomy topic of the flood.

by Gina Cook


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