REFLECTION: Images of Soil

Saturday, I drifted toward story leads that were focused around topics that I already had a base knowledge of. Soil.

My favorite image of the day was the blue hole. The dump trucks pulled up to the hole and dumped the scoops of deposited sand from a nearby field. I concluded the Army Corp of engineers fabricated the idea as a solution to two different major soil problems.

Silt deposition created another image for me. The silt was deposited within a two-seater car, sitting abandoned in Pinhook, Mo. The silt layer caked over every surface. In the driver’s seat were geometric shapes created from drying cracks. Lying in the passenger seat was a pair of clean-scrunched jeans and a power tool. After the flood someone abandoned them in desert wasteland.

I also felt cocky, in the sheltered eyes of the mayor and of the landowner. I wanted to express my point of view, but instead held back my own bias and tried to process the information as their point of view. Then I seemed to have turned off my interest level for anything that did not fit into my preconceived story idea. I need to stop that, if I do not want to miss stories of which I’m unaware.

-Claire Friedrichsen
Edited Cara


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