A fish by any other name

The Mississippi River is home to many varieties of fish — even some that were never intended to be there.

At issue is Asian Carp, an invasive species that now resides in the Mississippi River that the Missouri Department of Conservation is trying to remove from the river.

“We’re trying to establish markets so local fisherman can harvest these,” said Bob Hrabik, supervisor of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Open Rivers and Wetlands Field Station.

One restaurant in Chicago is already turning these fish into a gourmet meal, Hrabik said.

“They call them Shanghai Bass,” he said. “That sounds a lot better than Asian Carp.”

Next weekend, Department of Conservation will be hosting an event where members of the community can come and taste Asian Carp. Hrabik hopes this will encourage more restaurants to use the fish in dishes and help eliminate the species from the river.

-by Steven Rich, edited by Gina Cook


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