Birds Point Levee Reconstruction Meets Criticism

Army Corps of Engineers’ Major Jon Korneliussen hears the cries of those who lost their property and way of life because of the decision to blow the Birds Point levee. But he remains confident that the levee will be restored to its original state.

Residents of East Prairie, Mo., continue to express their dissatisfaction toward the Corps for planning to repair the blown levee to a height of 51 feet, instead of where it originally stood at 62 feet. East Prairie Mayor Kevin Mainord is among those upset with the decisions of the Corps.

Korneliussen explained that 51 feet was temporary height until funds were available to restore the levee to its original status.

“There is a systematic approach we have to take to make these repairs,” Korneliussen said. “These repairs will provide interim protection through the winter, until we have the resources to proceed.”

Joe Pecoraro. Edited by Carah Hart.


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