Levee rebuild needs full funding resources to complete

Five miles beyond Charleston, Mo., the Army Corps of Engineers are working to restore the blown Bird’s Point Levee. With only five million dollars in their budget, the Army Corps of Engineers can only re-build 51 feet the 62 ft., levee.

“We aren’t able to put the full resources of the district towards a full design until we get the additional funds to do that,” said Major Jon Korneliussen, an engineer with the Corps of Engineers.

To finish the project, the Corps of Engineers needs fifteen million dollars. Currently, they plan on fixing what they consider necessary. This has not been an easy task for engineers like Korneliussen as local communities expressed their concern for the damaging affects of local flooding.

“We understand their concerns to get it built as quickly as possible,” said Korneliussen.

The Corps of Engineers do not have a set date for completion of the levee.

-Carah Hart, Edited by Joe Pecoraro


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