Look past the black and white

The blowing of the Bird’s Point levee sticks out in my mind as an interesting learning experience on the Field Reporting Institute.

After meeting with a representative of the Army Corps of Engineers, I realized the Bird’s Point levee situation is not strictly black and white. There are shades of gray in every story worth reporting.

I find this concept very challenging to overcome, but realize this is a situation every journalist endures. Sunday, I struggled to look past the emotional side of the flooding situation with local farmers and communities. The flood affected local towns, the Department of Conservation and workers in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Being able to separate the truth from all sides of a situation, especially a deep, political issue, is crucial to becoming a beacon of light to those who interact with media.

It will take time, but as I grow in my writing, I hope to look at these three dimensions.

-Carah Hart, Edited by Joe Pecoraro


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