Reflection: Perspective is Everything

Stepping off of the bus Sunday, I could not help but be disappointed that our journey through the bootheel had ended. As Pam Smith pointed out as we returned home, “Can’t we just keep going?”

This weekend gave me a sneak peak at my future. I transferred from the J-school to CAFNR because I want to do what we did this weekend. I hope to make this my career.

We gained so much perspective and knowledge from sources we met. So much was left out of the news coverage of the blowing of the levee. I do not believe this was done intentionally. There are some things that are not comprehendible until you experience them yourself.

The varying viewpoints on the levee made me realize this is an enormous story. I laughed to myself Monday when I looked up the coverage of this event on the New York Times website. This is what one of the sentences said verbatim.

“Government engineers were left with two choices: Let Cairo flood or explode a levee to save the town. They blew up the levee.”

The implied simplicity the writer makes of the decision made by the Army Corps baffles me. As we all learned, this story is much more complex than a simple “this or that.”

I am not implying everyone covered this issue incorrectly. I do believe that in the interest of story, the delivery of the factual reality was ignored.

Joe Pecoraro


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  1. Who is the author of this blog? No byline.

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