REFLECTION: Thank you, Farm Journal

I think the FRI or something similar should be the requirement of every J-School student.  We got to see not only how other students sifted through the same interview details we did to create their blog posts, but also how they came to acquiring that information through interview questions.

At night in the luxurious Super-8s, we saw how editors handled not only our stories but also those of others.  It was eye-opening in a “pack journalism” way, as I think Scott Pham said, though correct me if I’m wrong, that not many journalism students or professionals get to experience.

One thing I liked in particular that wasn’t ever fully addressed was the diversity of media students and professionals represented. Writers and editors abounded, but having their work plus that of radio, photo and convergence journalists created side-by-side — in huge quantities — offered small lessons in everybody’s techniques. The weekend felt like journalism plus meta-journalism: a chance to produce while reflecting on production.

— By Sarah Alban, Edited by Tony Schick


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