Sandhill Cranes 2012

We’re now in Gibbon, Neb., at the Audubon Rowe Sanctuary. Our group comprises 11 MU students, Columbia resident Maya Bell, her mother (Jackie Bell, photojournalism professor), professional journalist Alan Brouilette and I. We are here to explore the Keystone XL pipeline issue and learn about sandhill cranes. We also plan to meet with Joel Sartore, a rock star of nature photography, and stop off at the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge to check on the snow geese migration.

This is a lot to experience and absorb in less than two days, not including the eight-hour drive here and eight-hour drive back to Columbia.  To produce journalism about all this will take much energy, skill and dedication to story-telling. Let’s see if the students are up to the task. I believe they are. After all, they represent the finest at the Missouri School of Journalism and the Science & Agricultural Journalism Program at MU.

You’ll see our journalism come in above. Meanwhile, follow the Twitter feed by one of the students, Brendan Gibbons, at

—Bill Allen, assistant professor of science journalism


2 responses to “Sandhill Cranes 2012

  1. Looking forward to reading some inspired writing!

  2. We look forward to your posts. Sandhill cranes rock!

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