Summer drought affects family farm

By Megan LaManna

The yellowed soybeans rippled in the wind as we drove up the road to Gregory Farm. It seemed as if the whole family was out to greet us. Four generations of the Gregory family stood in the driveway as the bus parked in front of them.

JD and Robert Gregory, brothers and co-operators of the farm, talked amongst their children, grandchildren and two great-grandchildren – 8 people in all. This family-owned farm in Houstonia, Mo., suffered loss this year because of the drought.

“It’s been a long, hot summer for us,” Robert Gregory, co-operator of the farm, said.

On Gregory Farm they grow corn, soybeans and wheat; they also raise beef cattle. The lack of rain this year caused their crops to dry out early.

“The corn went in, the beans went in and then it went dry,” Gregory said.

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac brought rain to the area in the last few weeks. Gregory said soybeans planted later in the season might have time to improve because of the recent rain.

— Edited by Teresa Avila


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