Expectations for the Field Reporting Institute

By Bridgit Bowden 

In anticipating this weekend’s field trip…

I expect to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of stories we’ll encounter and the amount of information we’ll have to process.  

I expect to fill up at least two notebooks and at least three memory cards. 

I expect to write a story about elk, the beef industry, or forestry for my final project.  But then again, I expect to change my mind every single day about which story I will actually pursue for the final project. 

I expect meet a lot of interesting people and I expect to have lots of great conversations on the bus. 

I expect that the batteries in my recording equipment will die at least four times during the three days. 

I expect to get dirty.

I expect that at least one person will flip a canoe while we’re floating on the river, (I just hope it’s not me).  

I expect to be completely exhausted by the time we get back.  

Most of all, I expect that this trip will be a huge adventure!


Supervising Editor: Rachel Raines 


One response to “Expectations for the Field Reporting Institute

  1. Wow…I hope your notebooks and memory cards are not in the canoe!

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