Hitting the road

By Zachary Matson

We hit the road tomorrow, and there’s no turning back now. I am excited to see parts of Missouri unknown to me and learn what role they play in the state’s unique environment.

In no more than three days, we plan to visit a military base, the only wild population of Elk in the state (albeit a reintroduced one), and Missouri’s most scenic riverways and only National Park. And we will be sharing the bus with nearly a dozen experts in topics ranging from journalism to trees to bugs.

It is these types of trips and opportunities that made me want to be a journalist, and if the University and its affiliates are willing to foot the bill, I say, “Let’s go.”

I plan to focus on forest management issues (particularly the challenges of dealing with so many different landowners) and how they are communicated to the public, but I will also keep an eye out for anything that is interesting, newsworthy or stands out as strange but true — the kinds of things people want to read about. I’m confident that we will all be back in Columbia in one piece on Sunday night and with a bag full of story ideas to boot.

Supervising editor is Alicia Stice.


One response to “Hitting the road

  1. The best part of being a journalist is the doors it opens. Enjoy!

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