Long Awaited Adventure

By Brooke Holman

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this excursion from the moment Bill described past class experiences last year during our long drive to Champaign, Ill. Thinking about the potential adventures and discoveries plucked a string that influenced me to enroll in the class.

Being the only student in the class without a journalism background, I fear that I will not be able to create stories with the same quality as the others. I take comfort in knowing that my international experience and an understanding of environmental science, agriculture, and rural areas could bring something new to the table.  This intense weekend-long field will be a challenge that’s for sure!

My family and I used to go camping and canoeing in southeast Missouri annually. Learning more about the nostalgic area is sentimental and exciting for me. The itinerary states that we will be canoeing along the Current River, which happens to be my favorite from past trips. My paddling skills and familiarity with the landmarks will help me focus on the stories emerging left and right.

Several experts and “naturalists” will be accompanying us as we drive down winding roads in a bus where electronic devices are banned. Bill said we should take the time between stops to speak with them and ask “good questions”. I’m a little concerned about which questions are “good” and honestly, a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to listen to my Zune. My worries will wash away when I’m sitting next to a faculty member for hours with nothing to do except talk.

Tonight I will triple check my bags and make sure to fill my pockets with motivation. I’m ready to face and learn from this challenge!

Edited by Alicia Stice


One response to “Long Awaited Adventure

  1. No question is too small to ask. Typically the only mistake made is not asking!

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