Ready for an adventure

As I head into this trip, I know little about Missouri’s landscape and wildlife. I hope that changes starting tomorrow.

I’ve always had an interest in the business side of things. It might sound dry, but it’s so important to people. Business touches almost every part of our lives, and we often don’t think about how the environment plays into that. 

Especially for people in cities, it can be easy to feel detached from things like the beef industry or an elk restoration project, but they have tangible effects on all of us  — and our economy — even if they aren’t always easily identifiable. 

I’d like to tap into that connection and explore how people who might not see forests or elk every day can feel connected to those things. How might a change in beef industry regulations affect your budget and health? How does the state’s elk restoration project affect people throughout Missouri?  

At the end of the day, that matters more than anything, and I hope I can convey that in my writing.

Written by Alicia Stice

Edited by Zach Matson


One response to “Ready for an adventure

  1. Just because something is serious doesn’t mean conveying it has to be boring. This trip will be a good opportunity to test that! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too.

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