Small Pack, Big Expectations

By Andrew Brown

Pack light, and be ready for anything. These are the thoughts running through my head.

If traveling for cross country meets every weekend in undergrad has taught me anything, it is to not over-pack.  I dislike few things more than carrying an overloaded backpack.

On our field reporting trip to the Ozarks, I will carry two changes of clothes, multiple notebooks, pens, pencils, a rain jacket, a head-lamp, my laptop and high expectations.

I have been looking forward to this trip since Bill Allen provided the details of where we would be travelling. It is not every weekend that you get to tour a military base, an elk preserve and a national forest.

Many journalists would kill for the opportunity to access such diverse locations and talk to such knowledgeable people. I hope to come out of this trip with a story that I can be proud of for years to come.

My backpack may not be fully packed this weekend, but I fully expect my notebook to be by Sunday night.

Supervising Editor: Bridgit Bowden


One response to “Small Pack, Big Expectations

  1. Sounds as if you’ll have plenty of room to pack in lots of information!

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