Trying Something New- Field Trip Style

By: Rachel Raines

As 6:15 a.m. tomorrow approaches, I am anxiously awaiting the 3 full days of field reporting we are about to encounter.   I have never been on a class field trip that was more than one day in length, and I must say I am nervous to see how this trip will play out. 

Based on the speakers, readings and topics we have had in class this semester, I have no doubt that Bill will take us to great places.  I am looking forward to learning about new things and experiencing sites in Missouri that I have never traveled to before.  Although I have lived in seven different states, and also a foreign country, my travels in Missouri have been pretty limited. 

Looking at the itinerary I would say I am most looking forward to the Fort Leonard wood army base, the cattle farm and the Jack’s Fork River.  I have never been on an army base before so I am curious to experience this for the first time.  Also, animals have always interested me so I’m excited hear about the day-to-day routine for a cattle farmer. 

Lastly, the group of faculty that is attending the trip is fantastic.  I can not wait to learn from such a strong group of men and women and have some fun!

Supervising Editor: Bridgit Bowden 


One response to “Trying Something New- Field Trip Style

  1. Put that faculty to work. That’s what they are there for!

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