A living ad

Today, I watched a Visit Missouri ad unfold in real life.

It had been a truly beautiful adventure. We stepped out of the bus at the top of the mountain, and I immediately remembered why I was on the trip. A quick climb to the top of a fire tower revealed one of the most spectacular views I had ever seen. I kept turning around in circles. I was surrounded by breathtaking mountains as far as the eye could see — lush, rich and green, topped with wisps of clouds and fog.

But that wasn’t the ad. We went on a pick-up truck bed adventure to find elk, and we found them. As we were on our way back to the bus, we were admiring the incredible sunset in front of us. The sky was a glorious pink and purple, leaving the forests dusted with a strange but lovely red light. As we turned the corner, we saw two elk mere yards in front of us.

That was the ad. A graphic designer couldn’t have created a fictional scene more perfect.

Of course we all squealed with delight and scared the elk away immediately, but that mental image is one I will always carry with me.

 Edited by Bridgit Bowden 


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