Fort Lost in the Woods

By Brooke Holman


After presenting official identification, the general public can enter Fort Leonard Wood, a 240,000-acre military base in Southeast Missouri.


“A lot of people call it Fort Lost in the Woods,” said Thomas F. Glueck, chief of the natural resources branch at the base. The reasoning behind the nickname becomes clear once you’re driving down the paved roads, walled in by trees.   


The land has been heavily disturbed by construction and by large vehicles used to train soldiers on the base daily. Several buffer zones created throughout the base help to prevent soil erosion and sediment runoff. The water from the base will end up in Waynesville, which is why the military works so hard to protect water quality.


The base’s administration recognizes that water quality is important for their troops’ health and aims to maintain a safe environment for its soldiers, as well as civilians.


“We’re really producing excellent people, and to do that we need to make sure they’re in a safe environment,” said Compliance Branch Chief, Dee W. Lloyd.


Editor: Andrew Brown


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