A reminder from a spring

The moment of realization that no camera could recreate an experience is always a powerful one for me.

I stood on a rock overlooking Big Spring, and I couldn’t leave. I was captivated. There is nothing that could recreate how I felt as I listened to the crystal clear water crash against itself in gentle waves. I climbed around the surrounding rocks, vying for a new view and refusing to miss a single angle. No camera could capture what it felt like watching the fall sun hit the water, amplifying the saturation of vibrant blue that looked like the crayon I used to color water when I was a kid.

I don’t know why, but water has always made me feel so connected to the natural world. And somehow I always forget that until I’m reconnected. But today, I was reminded.

Today reminded me just how important all the work that we’re studying really is. Today reminded me that beyond spreadsheet data and government policies, there is life, beauty and wonder. Today reminded me why I’m here.

Edited by Annette Jenkins


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