Big Spring

By: Rachel Raines

Big Spring — Missouri’s largest — gushes more than 280 million gallons of water every day.

The crystal-clear water near Van Buren will take your breath away as it soars out the side of huge limestone rocks.  Mossy rocks, tall white oak trees and wild ginger sit on the banks surrounding the spring.

“It is so blue from the minerals in the limestone… the water carries a load of dissolved limestone equal to 70 tons every day,” Faye Walmsley, Ozark National Scenic Riverways spokeswoman.

Although the clear, blue spring water might tempt you for a swim, visitors can’t get in the water until it feeds into the Current River.  Plus, temperature might scare you off as well.

“The water is between 54 and 55 degrees since bubbles up from beneath the limestone landscape,” Walmsley said. “This why small bass and trout love it.  They are cold water critters.”

For people who want an afternoon of gorgeous scenery, Big Spring offers an almost perfect getaway.

Edited by: Alicia Stice.


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