Day 2

By: Rachel Raines

If starting our day off with a wonderful array of breakfast items, provided by ‘trail boss’, wasn’t enough, then learning about the Current River and River Conservation Area was.

As day two comes to a close I cannot help but reflect on what a successful day we had as journalists.  From witnessing the crystal-clear water at Big Spring to enjoying the solitude in the River Conservation Area, the day could not have been much better.

I especially enjoyed hearing from Faye Walmsely about her work history and job at the Van Buren Missouri Park Service.  Womsley’s compassion about her job was vibrant and so fascinating to listen to, specifically when talking about Big Spring.

Matt Olson from the West Plains office of the Missouri Department of Conservation was also a great source today.  Olson was very knowledgeable about how different strategies for cutting down trees affects wildlife, which was a topic I had never learned about before.

Although I would say my most enjoyable conversation of the day was with Greg Laslo at dinner.  It was very interesting learning about his freelance writing business in Kansas City and also sharing with him my past experiences as an Intern with Monsanto and OsbornBARR.

As today comes to a close I could not be more thankful for some goodnight’s rest and an eventful day to look forward to tomorrow.

Supervising Editor: is Alicia Stice


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