Humor Helps Promote Improvement in Water Quality

When you hydrate yourself with a glass of water, rarely do you think of cattle ranching waste or mercury whisking through your water source. Spokeswoman Faye Walmsley of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways said the parks she works in have a long history of water quality testing.

“We have entities outside the park that influence the waters’ quality,” Walmsley said. “There are septic systems, private owners and cattle manure. E coli levels might be higher because the feces recharge into the spring.”

Walmsey explained stickers on watercraft might promote cleanliness.

“I wanted to come up with something humorous and catchy,” Walmsley said. “That’s why the stickers say ‘think before you stink.’ ”

Rangers reported several unnecessary items in the water and bars due to the mild drought, Walmsley said. She said this is only the beginning of the effort.

Edited by Alicia Stice


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