Family Comes First at This Cattle Ranch

By: Rachel Raines

The Barnitz family believes their cattle ranch isn’t just about the profit you get from beef.

Starting with only 12 acres in 1868, the Barnitz family has come a long way in building their family farm over the past decade.  With over 1,000 head of cows, the Barnitz cattle ranch is one of the largest operations around.

Although the family takes on this large responsibility, they refuse to cut corners.

“We make extra steps to make sure we do everything we can for our live stalk,” Frank Barnitz, owner of the Barnitz family ranch, said.

While at the cattle ranch, we saw three baby calves that had been rejected by their mothers that the Barnitz family decided to take care of.  The family will bottle feed these calves until they are able to live on their own.

The pride and love that the Barnitz family has for their cattle operation is contagious.  In years to come, the family hopes more people will come visit their farm.


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