Oh, What a Trip!

By: Rachel Raines

After more than 75 hours of field reporting, my brain is fried from an information overload.  This weekend we traveled more than 500 miles across the state of Missouri, visiting sites and landmarks that I would have never thought to travel to, and meeting people from numerous different backgrounds.  This trip was incredibly planned and easily one of the best learning experiences of my lifetime.

My main highlights on the trip were visiting Fort Leonard Wood, driving the elk tour, canoeing on jacks fork and visiting the cattle ranch.  Each of these events were so interesting and places I could have spent endless amounts of time.

Today we visited the cattle ranch and jacks forks river.  Both of these stops had so much heritage to learn from.  I especially enjoyed riding down the river with JB Forbes and watching him take photos on the water.  The colors of rocks, the dead trees and the numerous amounts of fish and minnows truly brought out a scenic story on the float trip.  Visiting the cattle ranch was exciting as well.  We witnessed the operations of a passed down family farm and heritage and passion behind their day to day operations.  The family was extremely compassionate about their work with cattle and so proud to tour us thru their pastures and animals.

Now that the trip is over, I can not help but look back and appreciate everything we did.  I feel so blessed to have met and worked alongside such great faculty and active members of the agriculture community.  In the days to come I hope to take the facts I learned on this trip and apply them to my future work and life.


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