Stories are better with people

By Bridgit Bowden 

Yesterday was a real reminder that stories are better if you understand the people in them.

I can’t think of a better end to the FRI than visiting the Barnitz farm.  Their strong ties to the land, passion for their work, and candid attitude was refreshing for me.  I was especially struck by 14-year-old Kennedy, who was so happy to be inheriting the farm and so proud of her family’s work, even at such a young age. 

This weekend we learned about a lot of serious issues.  We spoke to a lot of people that work for government agencies.  We figured out that every story has more than meets the eye.  

One of my main takeaways from the FRI is learning how to peel away the layers of a story, and not accept everything at face value.  At the heart of any story are the real people, and meeting the Barnitz family reminded me of that.  


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