About MUddy Boots News

Come with us as we blaze new trails in science journalism!

MUddy Boots News is a science news website produced by students of the Missouri School of Journalism and the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.  Take in the sights, sounds and thoughts of our student reporting teams as we venture into the field and labs in search of stories about science, the environment, natural resources, the food system and more.

We post field reporting stories by students in many of our classes, but these  are our regular field reporting trips:

The Sandhill Crane Reporting Trip to central Nebraska in March, during which we cover the annual migration of 600,000 cranes on their weeks-long refueling stop along the central Platte River.

The Sonja Hillgren/Farm Journal Agricultural Journalism Field Reporting Institute trip each fall as part of the class, “Field Reporting on the Food System and Environment.” This trip is made possible by a gift from Farm Journal.

The January intersession Study Abroad Journey to Monteverde and Guanacaste, Costa Rica, as part of the class, “Writing About Nature and Society in the Developing World.”

We encourage you to read and comment on the stories!

–Bill Allen, Asst. Prof. of Science Journalism (allenwi@missouri.edu)


One response to “About MUddy Boots News

  1. My heart soars for all of you embarking on this awesome adventure. I look forward to reading your blogs during this journey. Enjoy and learn as much as you can. Your public awaits!

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